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NPC Sound Set - Imoen
Kevin Murphy
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Description: NPC Sound Set - Imoen

Sound set for the Baldur's Gate Non-Player Character Imoen.

These sound sets were created by using Daniel
Lemburg's ever-so-useful BIF Editor to extract all the NPC Sounds,
and then organizing the results into coherent sound sets.
In this way I've arranged complete sound sets for all of
the NPC's in BG. These sound sets cannot provide the
inter-party banter possible with real NPCs, but do include
all of the sound types provided for in normal custom sets.
These are not "normal" WAV files, so Windows cannot play
them as usual (please let me know if you find a way),
but if they are copied into the BG "Sounds" directory
they will work just the same as any other sound sets...

Kevin Murphy

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