Galactic Conquest v0.3 Server Patch [Windows]

File Info: Galactic Conquest v0.3 Server Patch [Windows]

Galactic Conquest v0.3 Server Patch [Windows]
GC Team
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Description: Galactic Conquest v0.3 Server Patch [Windows]

This is the patch to upgrade your Galactic Conquest Windows server from v0.2 to v0.3, see below for more details on the changes.

GC Patch 0.32

New Additions:
- GC_MonCal map and static object resources added.
- E-Wing Fighter Craft
- Imperial Wave Skimmer
- Rebel Amphibian
- Refitted Rebel Gunship
- R2-D2 Ground Unit
- Imperial Landing Craft
- Mon Cal player model

0.32 Fixes and Adjustments:
- New Lancer Frigate Interior.
- AV Hand weapons carry more ammo, better accuracy, more power, but travel much slower.
- New effect for AV rockets.
- Cloud Bus Collision fixed to prevent shooting through windshield.
- Judicator Right Tram car spawn adjusted so it's not in the wall.
- New Landspeeder Drive Code.
- New sounds for several fighter craft.
- Fixed a bug in Tanaab which prevented imperial victory.
- Heavy Assault damage adjusted against large craft.
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash if another player was standing on a droid spawn.
- Elevators in Judicator now auto stop on the bridge floor.
- Cloudbus Spawns in Bespin now spawn 2 buses each, lowering wait times.
- Two new projectile damage types added.
- Tie Bomber Damage increased against infantry and light targets.
- Tie Bomb drop speed reduced for better aiming.
- Grenade pack added to Judicator.
- Capital ships will no longer move into the lower grid boundary and get "stuck".
- Capital ships no longer sink when not being crewed.
- The flag closest to the rebels in Judicator now starts as Neutral.
- Judicator now has ticket reduction for each side, depending on which bases are controlled. (Note: Controling the bridge as rebels will always cause imperial ticket drop).
- Ammo types added to weapons, which now allows refueling at certain locations.
- ATST and several other vehicles now carry a limited ammunition.
- Both Engineer classes now carry grenades and Explosion packs. -Empire and Rebel.
- Probe Droid collisions reduced greatly, proper armor added, health adjusted.
- Mouse Droid Network info optimized.
- Spawner for Tie-Advanced on Death Star adjusted so it spawns quicker.
- Launching from the bay of the NebulonB Frigate is now much easier.
- ATST Side gunner now has a better range of motion, new projectile type.
- New Mouse droid hud added.
- Gunship spawn added to Tatooine.
- Imperial Tie spawn added to 2nd hanger in Tatooine, linked to Cantina.
- Imperial Lambda in Tatooine given mobile spawn Point.
- Knifes added to all classes on Judicator.
- TL Range of motion adjusted, can shoot higher.
- Death Star Objective now easier to hit from inside trench, harder from outside.
- Beggars Canyon Valleys have been smoothed out.
- Sniper damage turned up for both weapons.
- Accuracy adjusted on Heavy Infantry Weapons, Damage over range added, so they are weaker at distance, more powerful within 50 meters.
- Damage over range adjusted on other weapons and larger vehicles as well. Closer is better.
- Unnecessary files removed from standardmesh.rfa.
- Bug with calling file removed.
- New sounds added for all Capital Ships.
- Engineers now repair slightly faster.
- Sail Barge Deck gun adjusted, fires faster and turns more accurate.
- The grids in space maps are now visible down to 40% texture quality. -Look slightly different in 100%.
- Slave 1 health increased, second seat given bombs, and given new missle type.
- Hoth ticket reduction changed.

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