Dead Man's Hand Patch #1

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File Info: Dead Man's Hand Patch #1

Dead Man's Hand Patch #1
Human Head Studios
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Description: Dead Man's Hand Patch #1

This is the first US retail patch to be released by Human Head Studios for Dead Man's Hand, it adds new maps and bug fixes. See below for more details!

Dead Man's Hand by Human Head Studios - US retail patch #1

Download Instructions

- Click on the Dead Man's Hand US Patch 1 link
- When prompted, save it where you will be able to find it (use Desktop if you
are not familiar with directories)

Install Instructions

- Locate the downloaded patch (DMH_US_RETAIL-PATCH1.EXE) and double-click it
- Follow the on screen instructions.

File Details

New Functionality:

6 new maps for Deathmatch/Bounty/TeamDeathmatch:
- Sawdust, a fast-paced map set in the Lenard Twins' lumber mill.
- Backlot, set on various set stages on a Dead Man's Hand movie set, where
there are facades of building facades.
- OnTheTable, an oversized (literally) barroom brawl where players hide behind
shot glasses and scurry along pool cues.
- Silverado, a smaller, tight level set deep in an abandoned mine.
- Prison, a larger level set in the Generalissimo's prison compound, which he
uses for storing dissidents.
- Hacienda, a larger level in a moonlit Mexican town, ripe ground for
roof-to-roof sniping action.

Issues Fixed:

- Fixed stuck spots in DM-/TD-/BO-Mine.
- Level-side fix for Posse waves in PO-RuinValley, PO-Church, PO-Sandstorm to
prevent the flow of enemies from breaking.
- Singleplay - GhostTown and Mine mission 1 stuck spot fixed each.
- Misc. visual improvements on original maps.
- Fixed wrong hint messages in Prison and Rivercity (US only)
- Xbicons has textures removed (legal)
- Removed new bounty message for newly joined players
- No longer show bounty message if no playername is given

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