Ghost Recon Dedicated Server Tool

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Ghost Recon Dedicated Server Tool
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Ghost Recon 2, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon II
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Description: Ghost Recon Dedicated Server Tool

Complete utilities for Ghost Recon servers. Track user IP, player stats, modify options, launch dedicated w/ubi and much more.

Visit http://www.BattalionCommand.Com/bcutils/bcutils.htm for complete instructions and features.

Server Status - this panel displays the current state as reported from the server. I allows you to launch the server at startup of the utility, and will advertise on ©UBI and will restart the server in case of a crash due to bad mission files or overload on packet congestion.

Server Setup - this panel displays the standard setup features for GhostRecon including install directory, TCP ports being used, IP address, Server Name, etc...

Mod Setup - this panel is one of the hottest features, it allows you to enable and disable Mods as well as game types and indivitual missions within a mod.

Dedicated Setup - this panel is where you will find all the controls for managing game types, team options, weapons, etc...

Recording Tab is where mission result information is maintained. On this panel, you will control how long mission files (missionstats.htm, defaultreplay.rpf) and your Ban list are kept. You can also search the save mission files for a given string. This feature is used to find a player's missions which might be up for review. Clicking the move replay button quickly put the file into the proper GR directory for your replay. An advanced feature on this panel is the Send to Remote Server. Send to Server allows you to have the mission files sent to another WEB or Database server for processing and storage. This is great for those people with multiple servers who want to calculate stats from all servers and display in one place.

Track Ip - What every server owner needs, a way to control the BAN list. Know who is on your server! Search the shared database to find names-ips that have not visited your server, but need to be banned due to aliances. This is a very powerful tool and you are responsible for the proper use of this information.

Statistics - This panel simply displays the stats that will be available to you for WEB display via XML. It shows server and player statistics.

Web Tab - the web tab is where you will control your mini-HTTP server. The server is used to display server information to your players. The WWW site can be customized to your scheme via CSS or simple changes to the index.htm file. There are a couple of samples in the WEB subdirectory. Second, the mini-HTTP server is used to allow remote control of the Utils. You can send commands to the Utils from any website or browser.

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