Breed Patch #1 [English/German]

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Breed Patch #1 [English/German]
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Description: Breed Patch #1 [English/German]

Update your Breed title with the first patch released that addresses issues with single-player and multiplayer components.


Crosshair changed and adjusted

Problems with picking up weapons that were thrown away fixed

Breedequipment supplemented

Problem with Buggys in Mission Stormchaser fixed

Problem with a Cutscene in Mission Snowbird Down fixed

Some Bugs concerning "Back to Windows" fixed


Objects that hung in the air moved

Buildings and Objects don't disappear from the map anymore

Sometimes a client could spawn as a building on the map

Vehicles fire after reloading further

Problems with entering password protected servers fixed

Problems with playing MP over Gamespy fixed

Problems with connecting to the host fixed

Problems when a client entered a running game fixed

Scoresystem changed

Problems with Mapchanges fixed

Teambalancing in the different MP-Modes changed

Problems with ammunition replenishment of some vehicles fixed

Respawnpoints on some maps changed

ammunition replenishment for some units changed

Destroyed Buildings aren't visible anymore for new players who enter a running game

Performance of Multiplayer on GameSpy improved

Errors that caused crashes in MP fixed

Performance got worse if a new player entered the game

amount of damage changed


Problems with bridges fixed

Damage models of the vehicles changed

Missing texts were inserted

Collision inquiry changed

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