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Jaguar (AKA Edward Vogt)
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Description: 3 BFV LEVELS

Three new levels, fully functional for BFV. BOOT LAG is the newest of the three. The aim is to try and make levels that are fun for between 4-24 people online and to force gamers to use the new features of BFV.

Here are my first three levels. They include in game pics with the rfa files. My goal is
to make levels that take advantage of the new features of BFV. Booby traps, choppers
bringing in soldiers, etc. These levels are designed for people with cable internet or lower.
In other words, I am trying to make these levels fun for most home servers that can only support
6-24 people with out chunking. hmmm....well that is my goal anyways.

They are fun and fully tested for operation. I appreciate any comments on things I may have
Missed our things that would make these levels better for BFV game play. At this point I need
people to play my levels to find major glitchs or things that need changed because I can't find
anymore by myself.

Three levels are included with this zip file. They include:
1. Rice Field - A mix of city and country. Two flags in city buildings (one a skyscraper with
a chopper that spawns and cannons). The other two are in the rice field/village.
2. Drop Zone - Simple heavy jungle level with two islands and hidden sniper forts in trees and
a hidden ammo/health fort.
3. Boot Lag - My newest level. USA can spawn in free falling to land on Vietnam beach or
They can fly with team for transport on distant island by chopper. Vietcong has a serious
advantage on land and I hope this level is a perfect nightmare for booby traps. Think
"Omaha Beach" with jungle and bouncing betty's. WHOO HAAA! Once everyone knows the hidden
secrets I placed in this level, I think there will be some serious online action!!!

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