NBA Live 2004 Street Add On

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NBA Live 2004 Street Add On
Also known as:
UT 2004, Unreal Tournament II 2004
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Description: NBA Live 2004 Street Add On

This patch will install the And 1 Mixtape team, Street Basketball Association All Stars, Streetball Legends, and NBA Streetballers to your roster, along with adding the Urban and Practice court for 5-5 mode. It comes complete with jerseys and logos.

Expect a V 2.0 release fairly soon with the Globetrotters added in along with cyberfaces and sagging shorts for the And 1 team.

FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS AND THE ONES GIVEN WITH THE PATCH!!! You must have EA's official patch installed (go to startup, then the nba live folder, and click the check for updates link) Go to C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\NBA LIVE 2004\main\cscripts (if installed to the default directory) and open up xstartup.cfg, change customart 0 (it's near the bottom) customart 1 then save. This will result in a longer loading period, but will give the NBA Streetball team thier own jerseys. For example vince carter will wear his raptors jersey.

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