Neverwinter Nights Community Expansion Pack [CEP]

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Neverwinter Nights Community Expansion Pack [CEP]
CEP Team & NWN Community
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Description: Neverwinter Nights Community Expansion Pack [CEP]

This grand expansion pack includes a ton of new content collected into a single, easy to install expansion for those that wish to extend the life of Neverwinter Nights. It's great for builders of modules also!

The Community Expansion Pack (CEP) should provide a standardized set of community-created content that becomes ubiquitous for NWN players.That is to say, the CEP is intended to reside on most players’ machines so that a module designer can make use of the content without having to worry about players downloading huge hak paks for a single game. As a module designer, this provides you with one stop shopping for the better community content, tested and reviewed with technical and artistic merit in mind.

The Community Expansion Pack (CEP) offers significant custom advances in several areas, including : anatomy, icons, creatures, placeables, weapons, toolset pallettes, portraits, tileset fixes, and an ever growing collection of tutorials and documentation.

CEP is all about providing you with" More content. More quality. More flexibility. More more!"

CEP is easy to install, use, and build upon. And best of all, its FREE!

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