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Micro Flight 4.0 Demo
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Micro Flight is a state of the art flight simulator specializing in simulating ultralight flying vehicles and micro meterological conditions. This is a 5 minute trial.

Micro Flight by Ilan Papani - playable demo v3.0 (time-limited 5 mins)

About Micro-flight

Micro Flight is a state of the art flight simulator specializing in simulating
ultralight flying vehicles and micro meterological conditions.

Unlike other flight simulators, Micro Flight simulates the intricate flow of
air over the ground and the effects of thermals created by the sun, making it
ideal for simulating gliders of all types.

Micro Flight also simulates types of vehicles not simulated by other general
aviation programs, such as: Hanggliders, Paragliders, Gyroplanes, Helicopters,
Trikes, Balloons and more.

Flight instrumentation and navigational aids were made to resemble real ones,
this includes the hand held GPS, standard flight instruments, head up display
and more.

The whole enviroment which the user interacts with is three dimentional, even
operating the instruments in the cockpit is made by manipulating them with the
mouse and not just by pressing keys.

The terrain model used is detailed and optimized, giving the terrain a
photorealistic look while still maintaing a high frame rate during run.

The program supports a wide variety of scenery formats, and can import aerial
photography and USGS digital elevation data directly.

The program includes flight recording and anaylis, giving the user the ability
to study the flight in detail and export it's path in digital form for any

The program has netplay mode which enables users to fly and communicate with
each other.

All this and more make the program a unique and valueable tool for flight

New features in Micro Flight 4.0:

* Advanced sky hemisphere.
* Advanced environment lighting.
* Exponential fog model.
* Fog layer below clouds.
* Improved weather effects.
* Additional water later.
* Realistic night scenery.
* Realistic G effects.
* Realistic pilot view.
* Active volumetric clouds.
* Cloud updrafts and downdrafts.
* Clouds can be formed above thermals.
* Thermals induced roll effects.
* Wind gusts and turbulence.
* Close object view for close cockpit objects.
* Ambient lighting can be adjusted.
* Improved brakes functionaly.
* Hot air balloon flight model improved.
* Hot air balloon has two new handles [burnerh] [canopyh].
* Helicopter and autogyro flight model improved.
* Parachute bail out mode improved.
* Reflections maps and specular highlights for gliders.
* Improved shadow calculation.
* Improved user interface.
* Improved map with new functions.
* Runways are shown on map and can be selected.
* Photographic map option.
* Shaded relief map option.
* Autopilot control panel added.
* Improved automatic thermalling.
* Autopilot control panel added.
* Improved automatic thermalling.
* Airplanes can land on water.
* Total energy variometer.

New features in Micro Flight 3.5 update:

* Multiple simultaneous joystick inputs are supported.
* Scenery coordinates are calculated with merkator projection.
* Densely populated thermals are calculated more accurately.
* Rockets and bombs are simulated more accurately.
* GPS bugs fixed ( trip and speed displays ).
* Scenery scanning bug fixed allowing faster scenery loading.

New features in Micro Flight 3.5:

* Detailed and animated shadow.
* Better flight model for hang gliders and trikes.
* Rocket and Jet engines.
* Detailed and curved earth model.
* Detailed atmospheric model up to space.
* Global flight and navigation.
* Low earth orbit scenery.
* Orbital and re entry effects and physics.
* Improved HUD and map display.
* Program parameters are saved.
* Improved mouse pick and panning.
* This update containes the shuttle Columbia ( STS 107 ) .
* This update containes the reentry situation of the Columbia.
* All the parameters of the columbia and reentry situation based upon true

New features in Micro-Flight 3:

* All flight models were greately improved.
* Cable towing was greately improved.
* Hot air and helium balloons are simulated.
* Winds aloft and wind gradients are simulated.
* Air temperature effects are simulated.
* Dynamic and wind sensitive scenery objects were added.
* The sky and clouds were greately improved.
* The scenery can include the whole world.
* Flying between sceneries is possible.
* Terrain texture blending and mesh optimization were added.
* New user interface allows changes while flight continues.
* Fully functional and realistic GPS was added.
* High quality head up display was added.
* Multiple selectable weapons were added.
* Fully interactive 3D instrument panels.
* The planes have more parts and better effects.
* Player can move from plane to plane during play.
* The flight path is shown on the map and in the air.
* The flight recording has been improved.
* The netplay has been improved.
* Joystick input has been improved and supports new types of joysticks.
* Scenery can be imported from USGS data using 3DEM files.
* Scenery can be imported from aerial photography.
* New speech engine was added.


* Micro-Flight requires DirectX8 or better.
* The speech option requires microsoft speech API 4.0 and some
speaker voices.

Minimal requirements for running Micro-Flight

* Pentium II
* Windows 98/Me/XP/2000
* DirectX8
* Sound card
* 3D graphic accelerator


* Download DirectX8 or better from here
* Download the Microsoft speech API here or here
* Download default speaker here or here

If you had problems running the program do the following:

* Download and install Directx8.
* Download a newer driver for your video card from the manufacturer website.

If you do not hear speech:

* Check inside the program that speech is enabled and speakers are available.
* Download and install the speech API and the default speaker.

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