CoD: MP Training Map Pack 1

File Info: CoD: MP Training Map Pack 1

CoD: MP Training Map Pack 1
Tim 'FireBlade' Lobes
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Description: CoD: MP Training Map Pack 1

Call of Duty multiplayer training maps supporting dm, tdm, and bel game modes. Great for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3. Similar to awp_map and ak-colts for CS. Includes (mpt_scope, mpt_forest, and mpt_aim).

The final versions of:

mpt_scope - A large map similar to awp_map from CS for practicing sniping and long range aim. Includes barriers and trenches so players may get closer with one-shots. Great for sniping practice and 1v1s.

mpt_forest - A medium-sized forest map great for using the cover of trees and bushes to practice close to medium range gunning.

mpt_aim - A small map designed similar to ak-colts from CS allowing a small group of players to practice their gunning skills while using all forms of cover and angles. Great for honing in your twitch aim.

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