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Game Over in Machinimation
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Don't just watch GAME OVER. Play it! Download GAME OVER in machinimation and experience what a normal day of work is like for Raquel Smashenburn. She's gotten the kids off to school and Rip down to the racetrack. All that remains is locating the ALIEN MONKEY. Sound easy? Then why does she need a hypersonic disruptor? And once you've found the ALIEN MONKEY, try making your own animation with the built in machina tools. Think you're funny? Show us!

Don't forget to watch GAME OVER Fridays, 8:00 and 8:30 PM ET/PT only on UPN! Get more information on UPN's Game Over animated show and the game by Fountainhead!

Game Over in Machinimation's Plot:

In this mission, Raquel visits a hostile alien planet in search of the ancient artifact known as the Alien Monkey. This artifact is known to provide any who possess it great power. As Raquel Smashenburn, your mission is to infiltrate a hostile alien base and acquire an ancient artifact known as the "Alien Monkey". As Intelligence guides you towards your ultimate goal, you must trust that the information relayed to you will help you locate the Alien Monkey and get you out of the facility in one piece. If you are successful in finding and obtaining the Alien Monkey, you will possess a powerful tool for your journey off of the planet and a nice artifact to add to your collection.

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