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Scorpion Mod 4.2

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Scorpion Mod 4.2
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Description: Scorpion Mod 4.2

This is an update to scorpion mod 4.0, changes include terrain spawning in multiplayer games (antimatter and black holes), as well as the reintrodution of several of the special weapons and better campaign play.

Scorpion MOD 4.2

To Install simple put the gametypes.db file into the conquest directory which will replace your old gametypes.db file. Also version 1.05 is required to play this MOD.

4.2 Changes

1. Added terrain including antimatter ribbons and black holes. (thanks RM_Adm.AJ for letting me use these.)

2. 4.o damage changes now affect fleet carriers and hive carriers.

3. Fighter speed increased on the fleet carrier.

4. Added much better impact effects for battleship and dreadnought shots.

5. Tiamats now have an additional 3 bombers.

6. Missle Crusier hp increased to 750 from 500.

7. Removed some stray special abilities buttons.

8. Aurora armor changed to light.

9. Several small balance tweaks.

4.0 Changes

1. Completly reworked the armor system to promote balanced fleets.

No Armor- Ships with this armor are equally effective against all armor classes.

Light Armor- This armor class is given to ships of the missle crusier class, including polarisis and frigates. Ships with this armor are least effective against battleship class ships (Medium armor) and most effective against dreadnought class ships (Heavy armor).

Medium Armor- This armor class is given to battleship class ships incuding scarabs and triremes, and aurouras and all platforms (This excludes the ion cannon (Heavy) and the plasma hive and space station (both light). Ships with this armor are least effective against dreadnought class ships (Heavy armor) and most effective against missle crusier class ships (Medium armor).

Heavy Armor- This armor class is given to dreadnought class ships including monoliths and tiamats. Ships with this armor are least effective against ships with light armor and most effective against ships with medium armor.

Odd Ships\Platforms-

Ion Cannon- This gun has heavy armor and is most effective against heavy armor.

Laser Sattilite\Plasma Spitter- Most effective against medium armor

Space Station\Plasma Hive- Has light armor and is most effective against light armor.

Lancer\Esp Coil- The coil has medium armor and the lancer has light armor but both are most effective against light armor.

Starburst- Has medium armor and is most effective against heavy armor.

Proteus- Has medium armor and is most effective against medium armor.

Fabricators\Harvesters- Have light armor.

Troopships\Scoutships- Have no armor.

2. Greatly reduced the supplies in a missle crusier and increased those in dreadnought and battleship class ships.

Major Changes (not in addition to version 1.0)

1. HP of all ships roughly doubled excluding troopship.
2. Supply capacity of all ships doubled (needs 2x shots to do the same damage %). Also supply ships have increased cost build time and HP (you should only need 1 per fleet.)
3. Defense platforms are much more powerful especially the lower end platforms such as the lsat turret and esp coil.
4. Harvesters harvest slower but carry more. Harvest rate is effectively the same, mabye a little slower.
5. Platform HP increase greatly, can't remember the exact ratio so check the ver 1.0 readme, i haven't changed it since that version.
6. Super ships are much more powerful relative to smaller ships but have a greatly increased cost in both resources and CP.
7. Build times for all ships and buildings doubled.
8. Building cost for all ships and buildings doubled as well to compensate for the longer build time.
9. Added impact effects to buildings and gun platforms. No more disappearing projectiles! Impact effects will be shown on both ships and buildings regardless of whether shields are up or not.
10. Mines cost no gas and half ore, do less damage, and pulse mines now do damage to hull not supplies.
11.CP dependant on the systems you control (no more turtleing!). Basiclly you get CP by building jumpgates.
12. The only CP producing buildings have been made into a sort of defensive platform. They have an enormous sensor range that will easily reveal all of a small map. The mantis have a smaller sensor range that the LR sensor tower or the sentinal tower. Also HQs no longer give CP when built.

Terran Changes

1. Missile Cruisers have more HP and cost more. Thier shots no longer home and fly straight. They now travel faster and do more damage to compensat for the decrease in acuracy. Now they are most effective against buildings. They also no longer have the cloak ability.
2. Battleships now have more supplies relative to other terran ships. This is to make it the bread and butter unit of the terran navy.
3. Lancers now do damage more like the esp coil. You can no longer fry 5-6 missle crusiers with 1 shot. CP cost has also been increased.
4. Fleet carriers are now in the super ship class. They have HP comparable to the dreadnougt and many more fighter wings. They are also now equiped with 2 flak turrets that have extended range and fire rate in comparison to the corvette.
5. The dreadnought is the best ship for head to head fighting. 2 torpedo launchers have been added to increase firepower (they look awesome too!). Aegis shield has been removed as it does not fit with the new play style.
6. Space stations are now a heavier defense platform and the fighters are better at shooting down enemy fighters than the carrier fights though i doubt you'll notice.

Mantis Changes

1. Frigates have been given a boast in HP and cost to make it comperable to other ships of its class for the other races. You'll still need a lot of these guys to be effective though.
2. Hive carriers now have more fighter wings.
3. Scarabs are the heaviest bread and butter unit of all the races (battleship, trireme, scarab). This is to make up for the mantis' supership's lack of head to head battle efficiancy.
4. Tiamats are now the biggest ship in the game (HP, cost, CP). Removed 1 bomber wing and put in several hive fighter wings to round out this ship. Also added engine trail effects to the torpedos.
5. Plasma hives now have more fighters.
6. Mantis is now a very good defensive race.

Celareon Changes

1. Polarises are better at fighting smaller ships.
2. Oracles remain unchanged but now are an advantage due to the lack of cloaking ships by the other 2 races.
3. Atlas mines now do damage to hull instead of supply damage.
4. Triremes now have 2 polaris beam cannons in addition to their plasma launcer.
5. Monoliths now have 2 plasma launcers in addition to their beam cannons. Monoliths are the weakest of the superships but not by much (it takes 3 monos to take 2 dreads).
6. ESP coils do more damage.
7. Auger beam has been removed from the monolith.
8. Mass disruptors only do 10% damage now. (i may remove it later if it proves to be to powerful).

That's all i can think of that i changed. I have not been able to balance the races as much as i would have liked so i would appreciate your imput. email me at [email protected] or just post a thread on the conquest forum (cfw command is the only one i check). Enjoy.

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