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Battle in Pali
Dark Schneider @ Radiant Knights
Also known as:
Asheron's Call II: Fallen Kings
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Description: Battle in Pali

This is short battle taking place in a game called Asherons Call 2.

This is 3m: 52sec battle taken place in a game called Asherons Call 2. Between two sides the Order (us) and the Shadows. They had just been killing some of us (Radiant Knights) in our own Allegiance Hall (ganking). So we rounded a fellowship to pay them back.

Battle took place on 11th February 2004 on Dawnsong. Note this wasn’t the first round. Think it was the third round.

I would like to thank, Gurkaniser, Ragefatha, Violet, Youri, Arun,
Craig the Great, Drum, Balbazar, Nadralieth & Schervil

Bah even the Shadows Afu-Ra, Debson, Dirty Debs, Razo, Chase. Plus the others that you couldnt see, Seiffer, Hiker, Davan Drakenhoff, Tony Phillips, Henk, Oakie, Ravelaar, Brador & Nasica

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