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Bruce Lee - KF3
Max Freeman
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Description: Bruce Lee - KF3

A tribute to the great Kung-Fu movie star who had a particular way to solve his problems (kicking butts and breaking legs...). The great "Bruce Lee", featuring Kung-Fu 3.0 by Kenneth Yeung and more...


By Alejandro "MaxFreeman" G.G.
[email protected]
[email protected]

Why? : Well, I made this mod cuz I wanted to create a kind of
"tribute" to "Bruce Lee" taking advantage of the wonderful KF3 mod.
This time you'll play a mod that is gonna remind you of those
Kung-Fu movies from the early 70's, when Bruce Lee started to become
a "legend".
FYI: I'm kinda frustrated Kung-Fu fan (I could never learn it),
but I love this kind of movies, even when I broke my arm trying to
learn Kung-Fu when I was 10.... ;-)

-Features :

* Bruce Lee skin for Max Payne.

* New KungFu fighting sounds. (you'll love it).

* New models for Leadpipe, Deagle, Beretta, JackHammer,
Pumpshotgun, Coltcommando,
Ingram, Grenade, and Sniper.
(Yes, there's a "Katana" somewhere).

* Enemies with modified skins.

* New enemy death sounds.

* New sounds for all weapons. (fire arms)

* New Particle FX. (Weapon's Flamed Flash).

* New music Track (Theme) : "Mortal Kombat".

* Gore FX for dead enemies.

* Enemy Kung-Fu attack increased.

* A "Miscellaneous" folder with cool stuff for
Bruce Lee fans.

* A new "Intro movie".

* New Menu.

Credits :

* Thanks to Kenneth Yeung for his wonderful "Kung Fu 3" mod, one of
the most impressive mods for Max Payne.
* Thanks to Masterfusion and Tommi Saalasti for some weapon models.
* Thanks to whoever the hell composed the "Mortal Kombat" theme.
*...And thanks to all the Max Payne modding community for being such genius.

Cheats : This mod uses the default cheats of the game. Remember, if you
want to get all the KungFu skills, just bring the console by pressing "F12"
and type "Coder".

Hint : To make the game more challenging, after typing "coder",
type "mortal" and you'll see the real meaning of the word "adrenalin".

Install :
You still don't know how to install a Max Payne mod?? ...shame on you. ):-)

Enjoy it...!!! ;-)

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