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Black Hawk Down Editing Tools
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Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre
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Description: Black Hawk Down Editing Tools

This editing tool set lets gamers have the ability to create their own mods using the Black Hawk engine. Easy to use toolkit includes tutorials and samples!

The download includes the following tools:
-Text Tool - Allows the user to change the text in the game. This includes objectives and any other text that displays in game.
-Object Editor - Allows the user to take 3DMax files and convert them into assets that can be used by the Black Hawk engine.
-Terrain Generator - Allows the user to make new terrains for the Black Hawk engine.
-def files - Allows the user to place their own objects in the game and set their properties.
-Pack.exe - Allows users to pack their assets into a mod .pff. This will allow them to run a map featuring their own assets.
-Sample files and Tutorials are also included in the download to help the user.

In addition to the tools, a new update for DF – BHD has been released that addresses a number of known issues within the game, as well as combating several cheater problems. This update brings the game to version and covers all builds of the game. A full breakdown of the update is available at .

Delta Force – Black Hawk Down, and the expansion pack Team Sabre™ are both available to buy for PC CD - ROM at all major computer gaming stores now.

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