Combat Mission: Afrika Korps v1.03 Patch [PC]

File Info: Combat Mission: Afrika Korps v1.03 Patch [PC]

Combat Mission: Afrika Korps v1.03 Patch [PC]
Also known as:
Combat Mission: Afrika Korps, Combat Mission: Africa Corps [uncommon spelling]
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Description: Combat Mission: Afrika Korps v1.03 Patch [PC]

This file will update your PC retail version of Combat Mission: Afrika Korps to version 1.03.

CMAK v1.01 Patch Readme
February 1st, 2004

Games saved in v1.01 can't be loaded in by the older version. If you are playing others by email or TCP/IP, make sure you all upgrade to v1.01.

1.) In CMAK version 1.0, load the PBEM file. In an orders phase, save the pbem file as a saved game by clicking on the little SAVE button on the command bar at the bottom of the screen.

2.) Repeat Step 1 for all PBEM files you wish to convert.

3.) Install the 1.01 patch.

4.) Open CMAK Version 1.01.

5.) Open the saved game file from step 1.

6.) Choose Email as the startup option for the saved game.

7.) Place your orders as you normally would in a PBEM, and press "GO".

Congratulations! You have now converted your pbem file.
Repeat as necessary for any other files you need to convert..

Version History
v1.01 Fixes/Changes

* German Airborne won't get conscripts in a QB set to medium quality troops.

* Corrections made to US Airborne TO&E.

* Fixed a crash problem in TCP/IP games experienced by the CDV version.

* Dust clouds appear when mines explode.

* The small arms types and numbers will not be shown when clicking on an enemy 'last known location' marker, even if the unit was previously "fully spotted".

* Firing panzerfausts from within a building does not suppress the firer.

* Italian L3/AA does not button up when under air attack.

* PzIIIF (37mm) not available for QB purchase in North Africa (though still available in editor).

* US M3A1 halftrack available November 1943, and mechanized TO&Es no longer try to use it before this date.

* Updated rarity/availability data for British M5 halftrack.

* Canadians stop using Churchill tank after August 1943.

* British 37mm AT gun available earlier, and 2pdr AT gun is rarer in 1940.

* British airborne has access to 75mm artillery.

* Platoon size of British Cruiser and Churchill support tanks is two.

* Platoon size of Mk. VIB is three.

* New Zealanders do not use the Valentine tank.

* German Tiger tank and 75mm AT gun first available in North Africa in November 1942.

* Of the Pz IIIJ variants, only the long-barrel model with spaced armor is available in Africa, starting May 1942.

* German long-barrelled 75mm PzIV tanks not available in North Africa until June 1942.

* Italian M14/41 has 145hp engine.

* Italian C.202 Folgore aircraft first available September 1941.

* Italian Fiat CR.42 carries two 220-pound bombs, not one 550-pound bomb.

* Italian Semoventi begin use of 75mm HEAT ammo in September 1942.

* Grant tank slightly more common in May/June 1942.

* French troops have rifle grenades in Italy.

* French version: Operation parameter screen in editor allows '-' button for nr. of flags.

* French version: Exit zone graphics are not swapped.

* 88mm flak gun model does not rotate its base when the gun rotates.

* German forces first available in North Africa in March 1941.

* Reloading a saved game maintains the 'portrait' graphic of bailed tank crews.

* Bazooka and Panzerschreck teams take suppression when firing from within a building.

* Corrected an ammo loadout problem on the StuG IV.

* Increased lethality of HEAT rounds (e.g. Bazooka).

* Force Mix types are displayed in the briefing of a two-player Quick Battle.

* The sight of captured units does not cancel a Move to Contact.

* When ordered to button up, a vehicle crew will remain buttoned for at least a full 60 seconds.

* Australian/New Zealander names that start with "O'" are displayed properly.

* Corrected a bug that could inflate an individual unit's "kill count" of mortars and guns.

* Crewed guns move across river fords at a slower speed.

* Corrected a problem with building graphics when using the "All Combined" region type.

* The British 3-inch mortar and 4.5-inch artillery spotters without radios are properly named.

* New Zealand may use the 2pdr Portee vehicle and Mk VIB light tank.

* Stuart Recce won't fire its bow MG when hull-down to the target.

* German aircraft not available after May 1944. HS129 aircraft no longer available in Italy.

* Corrected rarity/availability of Allied ATG pillboxes.

* Small correction to French 1940 TO&E.

* French and German versions: Minor typos fixed.

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