Total Club Manager 2004 v1.2 Patch

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File Info: Total Club Manager 2004 v1.2 Patch

Total Club Manager 2004 v1.2 Patch
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Total Club Manager '04, TCM 2004
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Description: Total Club Manager 2004 v1.2 Patch

This is the full installation of the v1.2 patch for Total Club Manager 2004. This includes all previous patches and is to be used from a new install of the game.

What has been changed in version 1.2?

- Crash after halftime speech is fixed
- Crash at the end of a season is fixed
- Wrong values in manager business card were displayed
- Cup matches went into penalty shoot-out after 105 minutes
- Wrong displayed time of substitutions at halftime is fixed
- Resolution of 3D matches is saved
- Matches are now also played at night
- FIFA Football 2004 controller configuration is now loaded for FUSION matches
- Sometimes wrong results after 3D matches were fixed
- When cancelling 3D matches player could still score even if they had a red card in 3D match
- Ticket prices for cup matches can now be adjusted
- Some interview questions were related to already sold players
- Weather during training sessions was too often rainy
- Transfer of the week: Goals and matches only showed values of current season
- When a former player became scout of a team always the first staff member was fired
- AI controlled clubs in England had the advantages to talk to players of English clubs earlier than human players
- National team: Friendly matches could cause problems with scheduled club matches (e.g. cup finals)
- National team: Wins were counted as cup wins, loses as league cup wins
- Stadium extension: VIP seats were not correctly loaded
- All-time scorer list size is increased
- Colour schemes for promoted teams in tables are adjusted
- Short List is now sort able
- Tool tip in training groups is added
- On the club info screen all championships are displayed
- European/South American Cup is now played (starting 2nd season)
- Player comparison with players that have an unknown rating on the transfer list (indicated with "???") is not possible anymore

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