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Realm of Kings
Graham Shelton
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The Realm of Kings. This world will take you beyond anything ever seen in the dungeon siege universe. Explore the place known as Aeonoth in rich colorful environments where the danger is just as prolific as the beauty. Find out about the Kings and their struggle to keep the commonwealth safe from evil. Don't miss this one!

This is the semi final release for The Realm of Kings. The next release will be the finished version and will be aptly named The Realm of Kings Final.

This map should be installed/extracted to C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Dungeon Siege/Maps

this is your default installation directory.....
if you have dungeon siege installed somewhere else, find its location and put my file "realm.dsmap" in your dungeon siege maps directory. Enjoy!

If you have any trouble with this map , either installing it or running, or any other problems while in the game on this map, please email me stating the problem as accurately as possible......send all comments to [email protected]

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