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Enjoy pinups and play our new erotic game with easy rules on your hires device.

StripTris is a new great erotic game that combines simple rules of the popular game Tetris(R) with extra-cool photos of sexy girls. Try to put the whole picture of the girl, and you can enjoy more and more of them if you are skilled and experienced enough.
Your goal is to keep the board from filling up as long as possible getting the highest score and watching more pictures.
In this game each peace consists of four blocks. You can rotate the falling pieces to lay them down without gaps. When a line of blocks is built - it disappears. The more lines removed at once - the more points you get. Game starts with empty board. Some figures contain blocks with parts of the picture. If you remove such blocks from the board the corresponding parts appear in the picture. When you open the picture completely, the next game level begins.
Have fun!

The following features you will get in the registered version:

- more skill levels - medium and hard
- you'll be able to save unfinished game
- save top score
- game autorun option will be available
- 140 pictures of exciting girls

StripTris works on the systems based on PalmOS 4.0 and later platforms that support screen resolution 320x320 and 65000 colors: Sony Clie PEG-SJ30, PEG-T665C, PEG-T650C, PEG-NR70, PEG-NR70V, PEG-T600C, PEG-T615C, PEG-T625C, PEG-N770C, PEG-N760C, PEG-N750C, PEG-N610C, PEG-NZ90,
PEG-NX70V, PEG-NX60, and others.
This game works also under PalmOS 5.0 and later: Palm Tungsten series, Zire 71 and other models.

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