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Medieval Total War - All Battles
Ulf V Norlinger
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Contains all historical campaign battles, historical battles and three custom battles recorded for replay (all with victorious ends). Good for those who got stuck somewhere!

By Ulf V Norlinger
(M.A. in History)
[email protected]

Complete with all battles + an extra battle from Wargamer.

Copy the files to your local drive, below:
...\Medieval - Total War\SaveGames\Battles

Successful Battles from the Historical Campaigns

England 100 Years War

Crécy 1346
Poitiers 1356
Agíncourt 1415

France 100 Years War

Orleans 1429
The Loire Valley 1429
Patay 1429


Milan Border Fort 1158
Carcano 1160
The Milan Road
San Romano
(The most difficult of all battles)
Legnano 1176


Marj'Ayyun 1179
The Horns of Hatting


Arsuf 1191
Jaffa 1191
(500 Englishmen against 2000 Saracens!)

The Golden Horde

Kalki River 1223
Kiev 1240
Liegnitz 1241
Mohi 1241

Successful Historical Battles

Bannockburn 1314

Battle of Stamford Bridge, 25 September 1066 (Extra)

The Battle of Hastings 1066
(A difficult battle. Strange AI here. This battle is 1 hour long.
More than 3000 men on the English/Saxon side)

Battle of Stirling Bridge, 10 September 1297
(A very difficult battle. 1000 Scots against nearly 3000 Englishmen!
This replay takes a very long time before it begins)

Custom Battles

NOTE: Some of theses battles will take a long
time before they start. I don't know why the
replay behave this way.

King Philip II Augustus 1191 (Early Era)
One of the decisive battles between the huge
Crusader army and the forces of Saladin near Acre.
Here represented with one of the local battles at
the Oasis called "The Pearl of the Desert".
This was a difficult fight as the Saracens used
a lot of camels, to the French horse based
cavalry's fright. After this, and some other
successful battles for the Crusaders, Saladin
was forced to sign a peace treaty in 1193.

Defending French troops at the Oasis: ~1500 Egyptian troops: > 2000

King Friedrich II 1234 (High Era)
The Holy Roman Empire conquered Kaliningrad (Königsberg) from the Russian troops.

Attacking German troops at the Fort of Kaliningrad: 1340 Russian troops: 1440

The War of the Roses 1461 (Late Era)
Between 1455 and 1485 England witnessed a civil war between the house
Lancaster (Red rose in the coat of arms) and York (White rose in the
coat of arms).

This particular battle is between Edward of York and the (weak) King
Henry VI, at Towton. Due to a defeat for the king in this battle (He
was also killed), Edward was elected as the new king the same year

Defending White Rose troops: ~1500 Red Rose troops: ~1500

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