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Mega Man X5 Trial Client
Also known as:
Megaman X5, Rockman X5
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Join Mega Man X and his comrade Zero as they race against time. Eradicate the evil threat occupying Eurasia and prevent total annihilation of Earth.

Try the full version of Mega Man X5 for 15 minutes. If you like it, you can Buy it for only $14.95.

It's AD 21XX and peacetime. The chaos of the Reploid Wars has passed. But wait! A band of cyberradicals has just hacked into Eurasia's artificial gravity device. And now this gravitation deprived space colony is spinning out of control & on a collision course with Earth! Solution collect the parts of the beam cannon Codename Enigma get it restarted and deploy it within the next 24 hours. Your every move counts.

OS Win95 98 2000 Me
CPU Pentium II 266 (required) Pentium II 350 (recommended)
RAM 32MB (required) 64MB (recommended)
Sound DirectX6
Graphics DirectX6 VRAM 4MB or higher

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