Mortal Kombat Sound Pack

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Mortal Kombat Sound Pack
Acid Glow
Also known as:
AvP2: Aliens versus Predator, Alien vs. Predator 2
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Description: Mortal Kombat Sound Pack

Mortal Kombat sound pack.

All Mortal Kombat stuff.
Preds have mainly Shao Khan Sounds, the rest are Goro, Jax,
Shang Tsung and others I can't remember off the top of my head...

New Splash menu
New Background menu
New Loading menu on Multiplayer
Red blinking starts
Red menu font
2 Mortal Kombat tracks on menus
New Splash Sound
2 New Invulnerable On/Off sounds
New netgun sound from Scorpion
All 4 preds have 2 new death, pain and taunts
New Body Gib Sound
New Headgib sound
New Laugh sound
New medicomp Roar
Females have 3 new taunts, 4 new death sounds
Males have 6 new death sounds and 4 new taunts

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