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Daggerfall Music Pack
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A pack of 7 songs from Daggerfall in MP3 format.

This is a pack of 7 mp3s I have made, based on some of my favourite music of the game Daggerfall. I had wanted to make versions of the Daggerfall music that were not simply a case of "open up the original midi files and save them as mp3" as some other Daggerfall mp3s floating around are. However, they are still almost entirely based on the original scores, so all credit to the writing of the music is most definitely to Bethesda. These took quite a bit more work than expected to get to a listenable state, and though I still don't find them very worthwhile, I think they may blend a little better with Morrowind than some of the others, and hopefully someone will find a good use for them. These are the songs included: dagger23, dagger29, nite2, nite3, overcast, sunnyday, and dagger16.

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