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DOOM 64: Absolution
Samuel Villarreal
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Description: DOOM 64: Absolution

This modification is based off the early 1997 Nintendo 64 console DOOM title which was a slightly modified version of the original DOOM. This is not an exact duplicate but close for a new look and feel for a new generation of DOOM.

Doom64: The Absolution - Kaiser's Note

How to install

Simply double click the exe and select your main Doomsday
directory. After you installed the files, use Cheb's
Kickstart 2 program (found at the Doomsday website) and
click the top tab untill you see the Doom64 title. Select
your Doom 2 iwad and launch the game. There is no need in
adding the doom64 wad as the game .dll will automatically
load the wad.

File Info:

doom64_abstindemo.wad: contains main data
doom64_abstindemo.gwa: gl data needed for Doomsday
doom64_demo.dll: modified sources
doom64.ded: contains scripts and such
doom64_demo.ksp use with Cheb's Kickstart2

Wad info:

Compiler: Samuel Villarreal
Author Email Address: [email protected]
Misc Author Info: made many doom2 wads etc.
Web site:
Tools used: Deepsea 11.76, Photoshop, TR64,
Gameshark, Deth, Wadauthor,
Visual C++ 6.0
Known Bugs: Not tested during Netplay
Credits: ID Software, Arron Seeler,
Randy Estrella, Tim Heydelaar,
Danny Lewis, SB Software, Skyjake
Build Time: 1.6 years

Levels: 39
Base: From Scratch (converted)
Single Player: Yes
Coop-op: Yes (untested)
Deathmatch: Yes (untested)

Editing Notes:


I've added some new linedef types for custom use in
Doom64. Here are the descriptions:
NOTE: I've provided a .opt file and a .wca file for
Deepsea and Wadauthor users, which should be installed
by default in the main doomsday directory (along with

191: Up/down Elevator (shoot switch)
155: Raise floor by 32 units (cross once)
343: Blaze Open Door (powerkey 1 locked)
344: Blaze Open Door (powerkey 2 locked)
345: Blaze Open Door (powerkey 3 locked)

I also added types 525, 526, and 527. these types are
the same as a blaze open key locked door, except they
close and can be reused over and over.

2561: Scroll Texture up
2562: Scroll Texture down
150: Scroll Texture right
2080: Scroll Texture NorthEast
2614: Scroll Texture NorthWest

Again, they are defined in the .opt and .wca files for either Deepsea
or Wadauthor.

2009: Lasergun
4000: Laser Powerup 1
4001: Laser Powerup 2
4002: Laser Powerup 3

to use thing #35, use thing #750-752 (tall fireball) and
place it on top of thing 35

Texture Shading Notes:

In Doom64, the delvelopers used light values for the floors
and ceilings with color values. The TC makes full use of Doomsday's
glowing flat features.

There are three types of Flats used in the Doom64 TC. FTILE,

Ftile flats are basic/regular flats that can be used for anything.

Custom flats is pretty much the same flats like ftile, but glows
instead. However, they are used rarely since they don't go well
with dark colored rooms. Instead you have the SPECIAL/NEW flats.

Special/New flats are Pre-Colored floors that must be in the
hi res texture directory. They can be used with any colored room.

To learn about making color rooms and xg scripts, please refer to
the Doomsday docs.

Legal Stuff/Permissions:

Authors may use these levels as a base or whatever in
their levels, and may use the gfx included in this wad
for other games as long Midway, ID Software, and all
memebers of Doom Depot are credited.

Please email me or Elbryan to let us know if you are going to modify the levels or use the gfx.

All Doom64 levels created by Randy Estrella, Danny Lewis, and Tim Heydelaar
D64 resources by MIDWAY.
PC versions by Samuel Villarreal.
PC exclusive levels copyrighted 6/30/2003 Samuel Villarreal

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