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Sonic Adventure DX PC Demo
Also known as:
Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure DX (Demo Version A)
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Description: Sonic Adventure DX PC Demo

This is the English PC demo of Sonic Adventure DX. This includes six playable characters each with their own level to run around in.

*The high speed 3D action which supersonic porcupine "sonic" and the companions unfolds!
This game shows RPG story development, "ADV (the adventure) field" and, you can have enough the refreshing speed impression "ACT (action) it consists of 2 sections of stage". Daigo taste of action only "of the sonic adventure" series of course the puzzle solving element with of "ADV field" the fresh pleasure is full.

*The action adventure which the character 6 unfolds respectively!
Life body "chaos" of puzzle, and "sonic", ... and "big", "E - 102 gamma", it keeps developing the story which goes round the "chaos emerald", with the respective point of view. Because the scenario where game characteristic differs every character is prepared, you can enjoy colorful action. In addition, it is possible to enjoy the three-dimensional story kind of development where with scenario of a certain character the puzzle which is not understood is elucidated, with scenario of the other character.

*It corresponds to high resolution indication! Actualizing series highest graphics!
To actualize high resolution mode, to the 640x480 - the 1280x1024 adjustment possibility! Furthermore, it corresponds to also window mode! In sonic series history, skill it can receive the speedy action world "of sonic" with first class graphics. As for operation of the character as for the game pad of course, even with the mouse/the keyboard possibility! It corresponded to the various place tiles.

*Of course, game gear title of sonic all recording!
The "game gear" with the domestic first color portable game machine which Sega sells in 1990, obtaining high appraisal, is hard sum total 1400 ten thousand you call it leaves sale record in the entire world. When the fixed condition for being in the game is cleared the game gear title 12 it is related to sonic it reaches the point where you can play. Among those, in Japan rare it is not sold you record also title!

System Requirements are not too demanding.

Minimum Requirements
Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
Pentium III 600MHz
3D GPU with 16MB VRAM
640x480 with 16-bit Color
DirectX 9.0a
Windows Media Player 9

Pentium III 800MHz
3D GPU with 32MB VRAM

Tested Graphics Processors
NVIDIA TNT2, GeForce 256/2/3/4/FX
ATI Rage 128, RADEON 7500/8500/9600/9800
Matrox G400/G450/G550
Intel i845G/i845GL
SiS 315/650

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