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SpiterBot 0.52 Full
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Quake 3: Arena
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Description: SpiterBot 0.52 Full

SpiterBot is a duel bot modification for Quake III Arena. Bot have a highly advanced gameplay and unique AI kind of thing.

It requires from you some special duel tricks, such as properly armor- and megahealth-counting, high skill shooting from all kind of weapons as well as fast speed-running in order to be lauded as the winner. For a bit of background, this Mod is focuses on providing a convenient environment for duel self-training and improvement of items counting, competition, flexible and fun. The Mod supports both standard Quake III Arena physics as well as Challenge Pro Mode.

Complete list of SpiterBot features:

* Well-known tricks such as human-like rocketjump,
strafejump movement around the level
* Dodging capabilities from all kind of enemy projectile weapons
* Smart predicted shots on invisible, but distinct audible enemies
* Great shooting accuracy, which can be adjusted by changing their skill
* Bot makes all gameplay decisions depending on their health,
enemy distance, all type of sounds, internal items counter
and other AI tweaks
* He checks around map the by control rockets and grenades
* All the BEST of OSP features, such as highly configurable
client-side, extensive in-game player statistics, flexible
overtime mode capabilities, well-known variables and so on
* Unique duel match statistics, including spawn-frags, midair-frags,
blind-frags, average armor and health counting and much more
* g_midair mode for testing rocket launcher's aiming and just for fun
* Perfect gameplay on the all type of duel championship maps,
such as ztn, t2, t4 and dm6

Note: This modification have absolutely been no changes to the core
gameplay of "vanilla" Quake III Arena and its dynamics.

Additional note: this version have midair mode only.

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