Street Legal Racing: Redline v2.1.4 Patch

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File Info: Street Legal Racing: Redline v2.1.4 Patch

Street Legal Racing: Redline v2.1.4 Patch
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Description: Street Legal Racing: Redline v2.1.4 Patch

This will update a fresh install of the retail racing title, Street Legal Racing: Redline. See more information for full details.

Street Legal Racing: Redline by Invictus - retail v2.1.4 beta patch

Patch #1

The following bugs will be addressed by this patch:

- auto saved carriers could disappear
- cars did not sink in water
- game could freeze in catalog
- certain part had incorrect prizes
- painting and decals could appear at incorrect places
- part sets had no proper names
- 'repair-all' did not fixed all the parts
- invalid entering to Race of Champions by pressing Enter
- audio catalogue was in the game but it was not enabled for use
- repairing in R.O.C. was not free
- when finishing a race, the enemies could clone themselves
- selecting 'load car' night races could take place
- selecting 'load car' number of days could be seen
- camera was incorrect after selecting 'test car'
- cars could disappear in the car lot
- mini-map holder frame stayed on the screen following to 'watch night race'
- projected light beams and shadows could be duplicated
- following to repair all, wheels could jump into the car
- police had no headlights and light glows
- bonus car had no headlights
- nitrous system didn't work properly
- super charger could not be installed onto a V8 engine
- when driving around town, fellow rivals car's had no wheels until you get
- hood scoop didn't work properly
- the driver could drive without a seat and steering wheel
- cars could work without battery
- fixed brake simulation
- certain parts could fall into the road
- winning R.O.C. could freeze the game on certain specs
- sould could extremely slow down the frame rate in case of no hardware 3D
- NOS couldn't be installed into a MC
- parts could move away in repair mode
- cars could sink into the off ramps
- available cars at car dealers could change too quickly
- city related object bugs
- doors of traffic cars could disappear
- memory leak could slow down the game
- right click did not focused the center of the object
- part drag and drop did not worked properly in the garage
- first sound did not play in the garage
- after some day races the red line of the mini-map did not disappear
- roads were not clear for night races
- fixed skid mark bugs
- ... and many more

The following features have been added into this version:

- improved frame rate
- new handling system with new wheel and suspension simulation
- damaged and incomplete cars at used car dealers
- improved AI with competitive opponents
- R.O.C. opponents with high tuned fast cars
- improved night race structure
- adjustable emulated force feedback power for keyboard control
- sets can now be reloaded and saved
- enhanced ATI card compatibility
- new front-end background animation
- option to change gamma correction
- option to change LOD level
- enhanced in-game menu options
- adjustable head movement
- new shadow system beneath the cars
- various texts in opponent talk dialog
- improved script engine
- more intelligent handling of auto-clutch
- added light effects such as lense flares and headlights
- new parts for several cars
- 3D positioned sound in the garage
- cheats

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