Unreal II Original Soundtrack Remix

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Unreal II Original Soundtrack Remix
Also known as:
Unreal II XMP (Expanded Multiplayer), Unreal 2 Special Edition
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Description: Unreal II Original Soundtrack Remix

This remix features cinematic music and mixed versions of the interactive level songs. Format: MP3, 192 kbit/s CBR.

This Unreal II soundtrack was mixed by me after I played the game and was fascinated by its music. I used the OGG files from the cinematic sequences, but my main task was to mix the interactive DirectMusic level songs. So, this soundtrack features a chronological musical journey through Unreal II, with cinematic and level music alike.
NOTE: This soundtrack was NOT created by me! It's the property of Epic/Legend/Infogrames. I only put the files together and mixed the interactive arrangements. This soundtrack is NOT an official product of Epic/Legend/Infogrames.

Track list:

01. Intro
02. Avalon TCA Base
03. Return From Avalon
04. Approach
05. Sanctuary
06. Hell
07. Return From Hell
08. Acheron
09. Return From Acheron
10. Kalydon
11. Sulferon
12. Drakk Hive
13. Awakening Of The Drakk
14. Drakk Boss
15. Return To Avalon
16. The Skaarj
17. Burst Transmission
18. Hybrid
19. Credits

Format: MP3, 192 kbit/s CBR, Joint Stereo.

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