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Rise of Nations Scenarios
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Description: Rise of Nations Scenarios

This is a scenario pack that includes three new maps for Rise of Nations multiplayer. Details can be found in more information on each map.

Intructions --

Rise of Nations Patch 3 or later is required to make use of these multiplayer scenarios. You can download the latest patch for Rise of Nations from: http://www.bighugegames.com/riseofnations/downloads.html

Unzip the contents of the file into your Rise of Nations scenario directory.
Default path: C:\Program Files\Rise of Nations\scenario

Launch Rise of Nations and select multiplayer game.

In the game setup screen, select "Scenario" under Game Rules and then select one of the scenarios listed in the scenario drop down menu.

Description --

This zip file contains three multiplayer scenarios that were used during the testing of the new multiplayer scenario feature added in Patch 3 and are being made available for download.


"The Italian Renaissance: Players must be the first to reach the Enlightenment Age to win. But there are only three libraries on the map and the players are not able to build libraries, universities, or cities."


"5 NATO nations fight against the USSR. NATO must defend against the threats to Europe."


"Four nations have been stranded on an island far from home. Only a scholar who lives on the island can direct them home. Be the first player to capture the scholar for 3 minutes and he will tell you how to get home. Do not take the scholar out of his territory or you will lose time. Your units will upgrade the more kills you get."

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