Uru: Ages Beyond MYST Demo

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Uru: Ages Beyond MYST Demo
Ubi Soft Entertainment
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Description: Uru: Ages Beyond MYST Demo

This demo includes a very small portion of this single and multiplayer 3D adventure title based in the world of MYST.

Uru: Ages Beyond Myst is the next chapter of the Myst franchise and the most immersive and ambitious Myst experience ever created. The single-player game will be bigger, better, and more innovative than any of the previous Myst adventures. Players can move at their own pace, spending hours discovering visually stunning, real-time 3D worlds, solving a large variety of mind-challenging puzzles, and following an epic storyline. Players can continue to discover new areas of D'ni by connecting to Uru Live, the online service of Uru. There, players will be part of an ever-expanding world that brings more areas to explore and more mysteries to solve.

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