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Doomer - Doom Launcher - v.1.2h

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File Info: Doomer - Doom Launcher - v.1.2h

Doomer - Doom Launcher - v.1.2h
GM Reagan
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Description: Doomer - Doom Launcher - v.1.2h

Doomer - A Doom Front-End Launcher. Also works with related games and source ports such as Heretic, Hexen, JDoom, ZDoom and Legacy.

Doomer - Doom, Heretic & Hexen Launcher
FREEWARE by George M. Reagan
v. 1.2i January, 2005
1. System Requirements.

- Windows OS, 24 MB memory
(Tested on Windows 95, 98, ME and XP)
- Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen or source port thereof.
- Any requirement of the source port, such as an
OpenGL compatible video card.

Doomer has been tested with the following games and
source ports:

Doom (1.2 SW, 1.5 SW, 1.9)
Doom2 (1.666), TNT, Plutonia
Heretic (1.2)
Hexen (1.1), Hexen Deathkings

Boom, PRboom (2.2.3), GLboom
Doom 3d (1.16)
Doom Legacy (1.41)
DoomPlus (0.6)
Doomsday (1.80), jdoom, jheretic, jhexen
Edge (1.27), GLEdge
Skulltag (0.95k)
WinDoom (2.0)
ZDoom (1.22, 2.0.63a)
ZDoomGL (0.75)
ZDaemon (1.07)

Other source ports/versions may or may not work.
Let me know!
2. Installation.

The installer for this product was created using Installer
VISE from MindVision Software. For more information on
Installer VISE, contact:

MindVision Software
5901 North 58th Street
Lincoln, NE 68507

Voice: (402) 323-6600
Fax: (402) 323-6611
E-mail: [email protected]
3. Running Doomer.


Main Buttons:
Quit: Quit Doomer.
Play: Play the currently configured game.
View Stats: View or maintain Doomer play stats.
Quit after Play: Check to Quit after Play.

File/Play: Play the currently configured game.
File/Play (Show command line): Before starting the
game, the command line generated by Doomer is displayed.
File/Defaults: A default IWad directory can be
specified. If not set, IWads are expected to be in the
program directory. The original Doom games and some
source ports do not support IWads located outside the
program directory.
File/Exit: Quit Doomer.
Stats/View: View or maintain Doomer play stats.
Stats/Grid View: Display a grid view of stats.
Stats/Update: Check to update Doomer stats with each
Help/Doomer.txt: Display this text file.


Program: Up to 25 programs may be set up for use. Use
the Add button to add a program to the list and the Remove
button to remove a program from the list.
NOTE: Any source port configuration setting not covered
by Doomer, such as video resolution must be preset from
the source port.

Game/IWads: The game and program selections determine
the default IWad selections. Use Add to add an IWad to
the list and Remove to remove an IWad from the list.
Original program IWad selections cannot be changed.

NOTE: If you want to play Hexen DeathKings you can
either set the Doom Program to HexenDk.exe or if using
a port, add the Hexdd.wad to the IWads list.

Files/Maps Replaced: PWad, Dehacked and Demo files
can be selected here. They must be checked for use.
PWads and Demos are placed in the -file command in
sequential order. When a PWad is highlighted, all map
replacements for the PWad are displayed in the rightmost
box. Use the Add button to add a file to the list and
the Remove button to remove a file from the list. Add
can also be used to display a document or text file.
Dehacked does not work with the original programs and
some source ports.

NOTE: This demo option has been provided so that
demos located outside the doom program directory can be
played by original doom programs, it is not necessary when
running source ports. When checked for use, the demo is
placed in the regular demo play box (see Demos below).
This will result in a command line looking something like
c:\doom\doom.exe -file c:\wads\test.lmp -playdemo test

Start Map and Skill: Select the starting map and skill

Other Options:
NoMonsters - No Monsters
FastMonsters - Fast Monsters, regardless of skill
Respawn - Respawn Monsters, regardless of skill
NoSound - No sound effects or music
NoSfx - No sound effects
NoMusic - No Music
Turbo - Player speed, 100 is normal. This does not
apply to Doomsday.

Rec - Check to record a demo.
Play - Check to play a demo. (See Files above)
Time - Check to play a time demo. Plays back a demo
faster than normal and displays a framerate when the demo
is over.
Button - Use to select a demo to play or to assign the
demo file name.
Clear - Clear all demo settings.
NOTE: Except for the Boom, Doomsday, Edge and Legacy
ports, demos cannot be recorded in directories outside the
program directory. Doomsday keeps demos (.cdm files) in
the directory Doomsday\Run\x\Demo, where x is the game
(ex. jDoom).

Additional Parameters: Add any additional parameters here,
except the -file option. Parameters vary between the
various programs.

Video Settings: Doomer does not address video parameters
at present. The only setting Doomer adds to the command
line is for Legacy, it adds the -opengl option.

Statistics: Statistics of doom games run via Doomer can be
recorded. To enable statistics recording, simply check the
Update box in the Stats Menu. Stats are contained in a MS
Access database file (Doomer.mdb) and include the
following fields:
Wad played
Game played
Program used
Date First Played
Date Last Played
Times Played
Memo entered by user

To enter a memo for a wad or perform any other desired
maintenance, use the "View Stats" button or use the View
Stats menu item. In addition, a "Grid" view is available
in the Stats menu. Data can be sorted by clicking on the
column headings.
4. Known issues.

Edge and GLEdge cannot use wad files contained on a CD
Rom because they attempt to create GL Node files on the
CD and the process fails. I am not aware of a work-around.

Legacy's Hexen support is still a work-in-progress.
5. Contact.

Please report any bugs, problems, suggestions and
comments to:
[email protected]

Web site:
6. Revisions.

- Added game setting per port instead of one overall
- Added a read of IWad file to obtain valid level entries.
- Relaxed the game selection rules.
- Added Quit after Play.

- Added a default IWad directory setting.
- Additional parameters expanded from 5 to 10.

- Added a listing of replaced maps per PWAD.

- Minor changes and corrections.

- IWAD add bug fixed.

- Added Heretic and Hexen support for ZDoom.

- Various bugs fixed.

- Expanded the number of Doom programs allowed
from 4 to 25.
- Reverse the the turbo selection. The up arrow now
increases the turbo setting, down decreases it.

- Added Play (Show command line) menu item. Before
starting the game, the command line generated by
Doomer is displayed.
- Several bugs fixed.
- Added Response files for the original games. This
avoids the problem of creating a command line that is
too long. The file is named doomrsp.txt and will
reside in the doom program directory. The command
line will look something like this:
c:\doom\doom.exe @doomrsp.txt

- Added game statistics database.

7. Caveat.

I am not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused as
a result of using this software. Use it at your own risk.
8. Thanks.

ID Software and Raven Software
Bobby Prince for the excellent music.

MindVision for the use of their installer.

Everyone who has spent countless hours playing and
improving the games.

For concepts and inspiration:

TeamTNT (Eternal Doom, etc.)

Jaakko Keranin (Doomsday, etc.)

Team Legacy (Doom Legacy)

Special thanks to's Never_Again and
Kristian Ronge for sharing their vast doom knowledge.

Eblo saves!

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