Mall Tycoon 2 v1.022 Patch

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File Info: Mall Tycoon 2 v1.022 Patch

Mall Tycoon 2 v1.022 Patch
Global Star Software
Also known as:
Shopping Centre Tycoon 2, Mall Tycoon II
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Description: Mall Tycoon 2 v1.022 Patch

The Mall Tycoon 2 patch will update your empire-building title to v1.022 adding a few new features and minor updates to your game.

New Mall Tycoon 2 Patch

There are 2 versions of this new Mall Tycoon 2 Patch, "Mall Tycoon 2 Patch
1.022.exe" and "Mall Tycoon 2 Patch 1.022b.exe".

Patch 1.022 needs to be installed over a clean install of Mall and will not
work if Patch 1.021 has already been installed.

Patch 1.022b needs the 1st Patch 1.021 to be installed first. Fortunately,
Patch 1.022b is a fraction of the download size for users who have already
downloaded 1.021.

Both versions should fix most if not all of the video crashes that people seem to have been experiencing.

This has been a difficult problem to fix as it is neither an error in the code or in Renderware, but a limitation with certain video drivers, mainly on older boards such as TNT2. We believe we have been able to work around this limitation and produced a fix that will work on a majority of video boards.

This version has been tested by developer and also Renderware themselves

Mall Tycoon 2 Patch 1.022

Follow the steps below to properly install the New Mall Tycoon 2 Patch. Don't forget to make sure that Mall Tycoon 2 is fully installed in your PC prior to installing the patch. (NOTE: Patch 1.022 only works on new installs of Mall Tycoon 2.)

1. Download the patch onto your PC desktop or hard drive by clicking

2. Once download is complete, you will need to 'unzip' the patch to your
desktop or hard-drive. Double click the yellow "Mall Tycoon 2 Patch 1.022"
icon from your desktop or hard-drive and follow the on-screen instructions.

3. Once installed, Start-up your Mall Tycoon 2 Game. (You may need to re-start your computer.)

(Note: This patch will only work with the retail install of Mall Tycoon 2 and will not update the "Softwrap" version included with Railroad Tycoon 3).

This patch also contains any minor updates to the game (ie: a loading screen, mathematics, etc.)

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