Revised Open Wheel Oval Racing

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Revised Open Wheel Oval Racing
Team Extreme
Also known as:
Formula One Challenge 1999-2002, Formula 1 Challenge '99-'02
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Description: Revised Open Wheel Oval Racing

Open Wheel Oval Racing mod for F1 Challenge 99-02.

This is a revised version and total new installation from the original OWOR for F1 Challenge 99-02. The mod now has the Pace and Caution laps that are very much needed in oval track racing. Also there is dedicated server support for the OWOR mod. This is by far the best OWOR version and the best open wheel oval racing sim mod to date. The mod comes with a simple to use installer and also has a uninstall for the mod as well. The mod comes with two tracks to save on download time. Those are, Chicagoland and Las Vegas. The rest of the tracks will be avalible as single downloads at the OWOR web site.
This is a must have for the INDY Racing fans.

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