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Hoyle Games 2004 Demo
Also known as:
Guardians of the Light: Disciples 2
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Description: Hoyle Games 2004 Demo

This Demo is actually a compilation of 4 smaller would-be demos, for Haoyle Cards 2004, Casino 2004, Puzzles 2004, and table games 2004.

They put it together this way because the engine and AI take up over 2/3 of each demo if downloaded seperatley..si this is 51.84 MB..but seperatley, all 4 would be well over 100 MB total.excellent Hoyle this year...New engine..superior graphics uses 3d vidoe cards if you have them instyalled, but will defualt to 2D...same with audio..(No open GL tho--Direct X 7.This combined demo doesn't contain the Hoyle Board game series representative for 2004..no ones talking---yet. This demo will run on all versions of windows starting at Windows 95 OSR2, through XP. (windows 95 that has FAT 32 built in, and higher)
Requires direct X 7 uhhh I think we all have it :-)(if you are in here an dont have direct X 7..get out LOL)

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