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Homeworld 2 - Demo
Vivendi Universal Games
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Homeworld 2, Homeworld II
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After the Exiles reclaim Hiigara, a prophecy and a deadly enemy threaten to make the journey for nothing. You reclaimed your home. Now reclaim your destiny.

Accompanying the engrossing single player saga is multiplayer competition for up to seven other players. Startling space effects like charged gas clouds, sparkling nebulae, and ghostly derelict hulks of space ships are rendered with spectacular Hollywood-style special effects. For jaw-dropping 3D space strategy, there is still no place like HOMEWORLD.

Critically-acclaimed franchise -- Homeworld revolutionized the RTS genre by being the first true 3D RTS. The game won rave reviews and multiple accolades, including PC Gamer's 1999 "Game of the Year"

Brand-new engine -- Homeworld 2 continues the franchise's tradition of offering a stunning gameplay environment. A brand-new 3D engine renders breathtaking graphics of outer space and intricate details of every ship in the fleet.

Continuing story, new players - Rejoin the epic story of the Hiigarans in Homeworld 2, but with brand-new fleets, each with unique abilities and craft, for different styles of play.

Advanced intelligent formations - Organize your armada into intelligent strike groups in which ships know what other ships they're grouped with and what their role is in such a formation.

Persistent fleets -- Personalize your fleet and keep it throughout your adventures. Homeworld 2 allows players to carry over their units from mission to mission.

All-new interface - A streamlined user interface enhances the ease of use and the gameplay experience above and beyond the original game.

Battle with others - Homeworld 2 offers multiplayer for six via LAN, network, or Internet connections

Create your own missions - Developed with the RTS community in mind, Homeworld 2 is packaged with tools to create custom content including multiplayer maps.

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