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MatchStick BSP Decompiler v1.0.1

File Info: MatchStick BSP Decompiler v1.0.1

MatchStick BSP Decompiler v1.0.1
Chris Cowan
Also known as:
Quake 3: Arena
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Description: MatchStick BSP Decompiler v1.0.1

MatchStick BSP Decompiler generates the correct parameters for q3map v2.5.6 (or higher) to decompile a .bsp to a .map.

Title: MatchStick BSP Decompiler

Author: Chris Cowan

Date Finished: August 30, 2003

Platform: Windows 98 and higher
Works with Enemy Territory, RTCW, and

Version: 1.0.1 Beta
This is is a full version

Changes: v1.0 overwrites a system file
and I'm VERY sorry about that.
Someone recommended ""
to fix win98. If your computer has problems
and is not win98, please go to

Description: MatchStick uses a simple interface
to create the appropriate parameters
to decompile a .bsp file with
q3map 2.5.6 (or higher) into a .map file.

Notes: Q3map2.exe directory canNOT
have any periods!!! Also,
when prompted for map directory,
find the place where the bsp's are.

Installation: Unzip and
run Setup.exe. You may then
delete the unzipped files. It
will automaticly overwrite
old files.

2003 Copyright (c)

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