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Freedom Fighters Demo
EA Games
Also known as:
Freedom: Battle for Liberty Island, Freedom: Soldiers of Liberty
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Freedom Fighters is an action shooter where you control a character in third-person perspective but also give commands for a squad of others supporting your cause.

Demo Features:

Level: Post Office
Mission: Capture the Post Office, which was overrun by the Soviets and is now being used as an operations base. Defeat the Soviets, and raise the American flag to successfully complete the mission. Your sub-mission--blow up a Soviet Fuel Depot.

Fighters: Recruit and lead up to three Freedom Fighters in a battle to capture the Post Office. The final game allows you to recruit up to 12 fighters.

Arm yourself with over 7 different weapons such as the AK-47, sniper rifle, and the Molotov Cocktail.

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