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Enigma: Rising Tide UK Patch
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This patch is specifically for the UK English version of Enigma: Rising Tide only. The patch adds a load of new fixes and features which can be seen in more information.

Enigma: Rising Tide by Tesseraction Games - UK retail patch

We have fixed a few bugs and added quite a bit to bring the UK english version up to the same level as the soon to be released North American Version. Here is a breakdown:

- Improved AI. Play it and discover the changes.
- Fully remodeled aircraft.
- All new high detail aircraft skins.
- Planes now have squadron specific camouflage patterns.
- Planes now have squadron and individual specific designation system.
- Redone boat textures, now with more realism and detail.
- New FX including explosions, water bursts, damage effects, smoke effects and bullet tracers.
- Game can now be played in 16-bit texture mode for improved speed.
- Added a slider to allow user to control distance that particles are displayed to help frame rate.
- Also added a slider to control FX ranges to give even more flexibility for frame rate.
- Ability to select targets by right clicking in main view or by centering on them in binocular view.
- New voice commands. See in-game help (F3) for a full list.
- New optional camera mode. Now players will really feel like they are on the high seas.
- Optimized and compressed our textures to conserve memory on video cards.
- New random patrols for a true challenge and infinite variety.
- Fixed mission bugs.
- New environmental effects including a sun position that is accurate to the current time and location of the battle.
- Smoke is now properly affected by wind.
- Fixed LOD issues when using binoculars and periscopes.
- New flags that move realistically and flap in the wind.
- New custom, context-specific cursor.
- Improved ship sinking. Cumulative damage results in a faster trip to Davey Jones' Locker.
- Ships now come with a fire team to put out those annoying deck fires.
- Some aircraft now have the ability to put out their own fires.
- Improved collision code, now ships and subs will react better to a collision.
- More code optimization for higher frame rate.

We will be releasing patch versions for Russian, Chinese, French and German versions in the coming weeks. The team is back in to full swing multiplayer development and we are on-track for this coming Holiday season.

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