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Star Trek Armada 2 - Fleet Operations v3.0

File Info: Star Trek Armada 2 - Fleet Operations v3.0

Star Trek Armada 2 - Fleet Operations v3.0
Fleet Operations Dev Team
Also known as:
Star Trek: Armada 2
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Description: Star Trek Armada 2 - Fleet Operations v3.0

Fleet Operations is a popular multiplayer orientated total conversion modification for Activision's Star Trek Armada II. This simple total conversion mod makes Armada II a worth successor to the original Star Trek: Armada Game. Version 3.0 includes advanced graphics, a whole new user interface, completly replaced ship models, 5 balanced races with totally new gameplay and tons of new possibilities making Armada II a real real-time strategy multiplayer game.

Installation instructions: Simply execute the FOSetupBeta1d1.exe after download and insert your Armada II CD when asked. Setup will then copy required files from the CD.

Fleet Operations is a modification for Activision's Star trek Armada II. As Armada II is much different from what everybody thought the successor of Armada I should be, we started some month ago to change the philosophy of the game. The objective of our mod is to bring the game back to the Star Trek root. We do not believe in the sens of creating big fleets within seconds and battles based on the pure number of materials. We do not see benefits of an unbalanced weight between the races. Our mod is based on the conviction that each ship should have its defined task and does not loose its importance during the game. We designed each ship new with more realistic textures. Each race has its single new designed techtree. We introduced a credit system that gives you the possibility to create a certain number of race specific special ships. We designed new surroundings for the maps, more realistic asteriod fields, more animated star maps to increase perception of the game.

Key features
- 5 races (Federation, Klingon, Borg, Romulan, Noxter) with individual techtrees
- Over 60 new ship and station models with new textures
- 3 multiplayer maps with mod specific environments
- Stations with shuttle traffic
- More realistic ship damage and explosions
- New sounds effects and music
- New voice sets
- Completly reworked AI
- New designed Game Menu
- More realistic Race GUIs
- Non playable races for map environments
- Map Manager for simplified map editing and importing
- FleetOps Launcher with advanced Armada options
- FOARIC - runs the FleetOps Launcher instead of the Armada Autorun Menu
- Voice over Network
- many things i haven't in mind yet

Planned features

- 3 more races: Iconian, Dominion, Ciadan
- More Non playable races for map environments
- More maps
- variable techtrees
- neutral stations which can be occupied and grant special bonuses
- hireable mercenaries

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