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Multi Theft Auto: VC v0.5.0

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File Info: Multi Theft Auto: VC v0.5.0

Multi Theft Auto: VC v0.5.0
MTA Team
Also known as:
GTA: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto III: Vice City
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Description: Multi Theft Auto: VC v0.5.0

Version 0.5.0 of the Multi Theft Auto multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, for clients.

MTA is a multi-player mod for both GTA III and Vice City. Here are the main changes and additions:

- synchronized time and weather
- improved messaging system
- Admin+ introduced
- Killed By What messages. Example 'Jo killed billy (m60)'
- server history in client
- correct player position when exiting vehicles (no longer on the roof)
- excessive ammo from dropped weapons fixed
- speedometer added
- improved anti-cheat
- random serverside weather sync
- ini bug fixed (no longer have to constantly reset game path)
- auto reconnect on timeout option added

These are the admin changes and additions:
- Reset scores
- select weather
- reset money
- ability to message player(s)
- /slap (-20 hp on target player)
- /motd (refreshes motd)
- /me

New Admin Abilities include:
- shows players coords, health, vehicle and money

In stunt mode, changes and additions include:
- synchronized money on the scoreboard
- Vehicles no longer fall thru the ground at initial spawn on slower pcs

In deathmatch, changes and additions include:
- new melee weapons - Katana, Cleaver and Machete
- vastly improved weapon aim
- new career
- moved spawns
- spaz removed
- new cars / moved cars
- Spectator mode
- new skin for VCC (SWAT in place of Phil)

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