Europa 1400: The Guild v1.05 Beta 3 [English]

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Europa 1400: The Guild v1.05 Beta 3 [English]
JoWood Productions
Also known as:
Europa 1400, Die Gilde (German title)
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Description: Europa 1400: The Guild v1.05 Beta 3 [English]

This is for the English edition of Europa 1400: The Guild bringing your strategy title to v1.05 beta 3. See more information for patch details.

"EUROPA 1400 - The guild" Fix-List, Patch 1.05 Beta 3

This patch is still in its beta stage. The bug fixes listed are the ones we have been able to verify ourselves. Any fixes not listed here could not be ascertained due to their rare occurrence in the game up to this moment.

Bugs & Crashes
- Missing character models for elections and court trials
- At times the player was unable to read/hear the verdict at the end of a trial because the scene ended too quickly
- Under certain circumstances, employers finished work as late as 10.30 p.m. in every 2nd round
- Whenever the owner of an unfinished building died without heirs, the town put that building on the market for sale. In the worst case this could result in a computer crash.
- In the town hall, players could purchase buildings without possessing the required title/master grade
- Businesses in the surrounding countryside: The huts in rented businesses in the surrounding countryside could not be entered
- Businesses in the surrounding countryside: As soon as the leaseholder of a business in the countryside had died, the company went out of business until the next auction took place. Now the town takes over the business until the next auction is held
- Businesses in the surrounding countryside: It was not possible to quick-jump in businesses in the surrounding countryside
- Businesses in the surrounding countryside: Even non-leaseholders were able to enter the mine gallery
- The first tutorial mission (selecting the market square) could not be executed
- The dungeon cell could not be entered via the dungeon map
- Left-clicking on an already installed exterior extension could cause a crash
- In certain game situations, several quick right-clicks in sequence could lead to a crash
- In a later stage of the game, too many objects in the town could cause a crash
- Fraternity Houses: Fraternity houses could not be entered
- Carts could be bought in the town guard, the thieves' guild and the robber baron's castle even when there was no storage room. This could occasionally cause a crash
- The storage slots of the merchant, town guardsman, thief and robber could not be blocked
- The player character's death did not occur instantly, but sometimes took several rounds. During this time, the player could not take any action
- In the event of an assault on a cart without an escort, the text messages would occasionally refer to an escort
- In the event of players offering one of their own buildings for sale, these were bought rarely or not at all - this was frequently the case for robber barons' castles
- Thief: Right-clicking on a spied-upon building in the information parchment displayed the wrong text and the wrong icon
- Thief: There were text errors in a message in connection with the dungeon cell
- Building: The search function for building sites did not work. Now, the building function works again as it is supposed to
- Money lender: Money lenders could not exchange their own foreign currency into the town currency. Now they can send security guards into their own town to exchange foreign currency
- Money lender: Upon the borrower's death, credits disappeared without having been repaid. Now the player is notified in a message
- Merchants: The towns for the long-distance trade could not be seen on the map
- Whenever players had sacked one of their employees and immediately wanted to engage a new one, they got the same character back
- Storage slots could not be deleted
- Players could buy a building even if they did not have enough money for it - which quickly brought about their financial ruin
- Under certain circumstances, the keyboard would respond badly or not at all
- Several causes for crashes have been eliminated
- The performance has been further improved

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