TRON 2.0 Single & Multiplayer Demo

File Info: TRON 2.0 Single & Multiplayer Demo

TRON 2.0 Single & Multiplayer Demo
Buena Vista Interactive
Also known as:
T.R.O.N. 2.0
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Description: TRON 2.0 Single & Multiplayer Demo

The good folk at Buena Vista Interactive released a new multiplayer and single-player demo of TRON 2.0, the new first-person action game developed by Monolith Productions. The official, "gold-code" demo includes two game modes: Light Cycles and Disc Arena which can be played online in GameSpy Arcade. There's also a full singleplayer level.

Disc Combat Tutorial
Light Cycles Tutorial

Full Single-Player Mission
Single-Player Light Cycle Circuit Racing

Multiplayer Disc Combat
Multiplayer Light Cycle Deathmatch


1) When hosting a game, turn "Spectator Discs" ON which will enables
combat in the lobby. Depending on the number of players in the game
"Spectator Discs" ON may affect the performance of the game.

2) When you "rez-in" to the arena your disc will not be active. Type
'1' then click the left mouse button to arm your disc. You only need to
type "1" at the beginning for the first match.

3) Hit F1 to join a team. Click on the empty space "----". Your player
name will appear in the space. Hit F1 to return to the lobby. When an
arena becomes available you will be "rezzed" into combat.

4) Default keyboard commands:

W - forward
A - Strafe right
S - backward
D - Strafe left
C - crouch
Spacebar - jump
T - talk
Q - look around/lean left
E - look around/lean right
Left click - Fire
Right click - Block (when disc is in hand) or retrieve (disc already in
Ctrl-LeftClick - backhand (melee attack)
Caps Lock - Toggle Walk
Z - Toggle Crouch
To steer the disc in-flight click and hold the left mouse button and
drag in the direction you want the disc to arc.

Multiplayer light cycles are designed for LAN play. In the demo, Light
Cycle racing over the Internet is an option but is only recommended for
players with high end systems and really fast connections (DSL or T1).
In LAN play you can have up to 8 player on the light cycle grid. On the
Internet 2 to 4 players are recommend.

Keyboard commands (default):

W - accelerate
A - turn left
S - decelerate
D - turn right
; (semi-colon) - toggle camera lock (provides greater camera control)
' (apostrophe) - toggle 1st/3rd person mode
+ or - or mouse wheel - zoom in/out
Left click - activate power up (e.g.: turbo curse)
Mouse - Camera Control

For more information please see the README file on the demo. As always,
please make sure you have the latest hardware drivers for your system.

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