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BF1942 - Guns of Navarone Map
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This map is based on the real-life event which was made famous by the 1961 movie Guns of Navarone starring Gregory Peck. It's about the German-controlled island of Navarone in the Mediterranean.

What makes this island special is that it holds 2 guns which can blow up ships in a single blow. Unfortunatley this island islocated in a strategic shipping route for the British sending reinforcements to their battle
in North Africa. These guns stop these reinforcements and cost the British much. Finally A small British team of four infiltrate the island
and eventually make it to the guns after escaping the Germans many times. They eventually blow up the guns and British ships come in to take the island. This map recreates that enviroment, with the Guns being 3 Defguns and other defguns scattered around the island. If you loved the movie, you will love the BF1942 map Guns of Navarone!

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