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Impossible Creatures Insect Invasion
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Relic Entertainment is committed to building on the imaginative, fun RTS experience in "Impossible Creatures" and Insect Invasion delivers.


15 new base insects and animals that can be combined to create a vast number of mutant creatures, the results of which are limited only by players' creativity.
9 new abilities for army strategy enhancement and further tactic definition.
New environments and Multiplayer Maps.
Increase your tactics and strategies through many new gameplay enhancements that build on the existing features in "Impossible Creatures".

The New Creatures and Insects available in Insect Invasion!

The Anaconda has a great many advantages working in its favor. It is the largest creature in the game that possesses an additional melee attack on a limb other than its head. It is amphibious, capable of land and water travel simply by virtue of its torso. And its head gives it the sensibilities of a Loner, granting it massive power when hunting alone. At high ranks, this creature's destructive power is incredible, mitigated only by its slow speed and very low defense.

This legendary beast had existed only in speculation thus far, and has been given form by Dr. Ganglion as the perfect Sigma weapon. Possessing speed, defense, health, power, and the ability to fly limited distances, it is truly the most powerful animal in (or, depending on your perspective, not in) existence.

Black Widow Spider
This tiny, deadly spider would be of very limited use all by itself, but when combined with larger animals grants several spectacular abilities. It has a vicious toxic bite that grows very strong when combined with larger animals, and its head possesses a Loner mentality that amplifies its power immensely when it hunts alone. When this is combined with its paralyzing Web-Throwing ability, it can control fights with multiple opponents and come out on top.

Bombardier Beetle
This creature relies upon teamwork to be effective, but is devastatingly powerful when this is done correctly. Possessing the Chemical Spray ability, it can bombard enemy units and structures from huge distances away- but only if it knows where those units and structures are. Thus, other units are necessary to 'spot' targets for the Bombardier Beetle. Once a team of Bombardier Beetles has a target, though, the enemy will never know what hit them.

The notoriously disgusting Cockroach provides a versatile source for several chemical-based attacks, and the resilience and speed needed to successfully deliver them. Though weak in direct combat, its abilities to deliver Plague to weak enemies and to set traps for larger enemies by Defiling Land make it a versatile and dangerous unit when properly managed.

The Condor is the largest and hardiest flying creature in the game. It lacks unique special abilities, but it doesn't need them- use it to amplify the power of smaller ground-based creatures and give them flight at the same time.

Fireflies are the sole bearer of the Flash ability, and they have the durability to see that it gets delivered to the enemy. With an incredible defense granted by their beetle-like carapaces, they can enter a fray and blind all units there, friend and foe alike, reducing combat to a pure melee. Which, if your army is built accordingly, can be a spectacular advantage.

Garden Spider
Garden Spiders are capable of weaving incredibly strong webbing, and in your army, they can throw this webbing to completely paralyze large groups of enemies. Since their venom is not particularly strong, they rely on the brute strength of their mandibles to tear apart their foes. As tiny spiders, this doesn't really do much to your advantage. Combined with larger creatures, however, they can be very fearsome.

Giant Anteater
Aside from the whales, the Giant Anteater is the largest creature that possesses a ranged attack. Their ability to burrow into the ground with their claws couples with this to make them an excellent ambush unit.

Hercules Beetle
The Hercules Beetle possesses Deflection Armor, which will randomly reflect creature-based ranged (but not artillery) attacks back at attackers. This can make them deadly against crowds of range-attacking units that would otherwise demolish melee creatures. Their ability to Hover quickly into bases combined with the Barrier Destroy bonus on their head makes them very dangerous to enemy structures, as well.

Shield Bug
Shield Bugs are quite possibly the most defensive unit in the game, ability-wise. Their Stink Cloud and Deflection Armor abilities make them nearly invulnerable against ranged attacks, and their Immunity protects them from a number of special abilities. Add an above average defense score, and you have a very hard to kill bug. Their offense, though, is terrible. Make up for this by combining them with something vicious.

A strong melee unit for its size, the Tarantula is an effective unit at low ranks for this reason alone. However, it also has the Disorienting Barbs ability, which eliminates the bonuses that enemy units get from Pack Hunter and Herding. Mixing a few creatures with Tarantula tails into your army can have a significant effect on the battle against units equipped with pack and herd.

Termites are lacking in durability, with low health and defensive abilities. However, they have a powerful bite which can complement larger creatures very well, and with that bite comes the option to use its Infest ability- sacrificing the unit to deal as much as 2000 damage to a building over a period of time. As such, they make excellent melee units for base raiding, using their Infest ability when near death.

Walking Stick
Lacking the deadly bite of the Rattlesnake or the potent tongue of the Chameleon, the Walking Stick's advantage as a camouflaged and regenerating unit is its size and health. At lower ranks, as a size 2 creature, it can enable smaller creatures to be vicious and stealthy, while at higher levels, it's impressive health becomes apparent when combined with larger creatures.

Similar to the Hornet but weaker in general combat, the Wasp boasts the unique Assassinate ability. This ability uses a full endurance bar to deal 40% of a target's maximum health in damage, regardless of its health or defense- 3 stings will kill any unit. This ability makes the Wasp an excellent emergency unit to have on hand, as it can be used to eliminate Loners, high-defense creatures, spotters, and other units that your army may not have accounted for.

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