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Neverwinter Nights Mac Techdemo v1.0

Download Neverwinter Nights Mac Techdemo v1.0
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File Info: Neverwinter Nights Mac Techdemo v1.0

Neverwinter Nights Mac Techdemo v1.0
Bioware Corp.
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Description: Neverwinter Nights Mac Techdemo v1.0

This demo will allow you to play the training level of the game and, after training, to test out your combat skills.

To install the demo, just drag the Neverwinter Nights Demo folder to your hard drive.

The NWN Tech Demo requires a Macintosh computer with a 450MHz or faster processor, OSX v10.2.6 or higher, 256MB RAM, and a 32MB video card (Radeon/GeForce 2MX or better). If your computer meets these requirements and you experience problems running the tech demo, please drop us a line at [email protected]

A couple of things to be aware of:

If you are using a single-button mouse, please note that you can Option-click the mouse in place of "right-clicking".

When you reach the point in the demo where you are ready to leave the stables, hit ESC and save your character. You'll be able to load this now-experienced character for another run through the demo, or use it in the full build of the game.

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