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Frostbite v1.2

Download Frostbite v1.2
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File Info: Frostbite v1.2

Frostbite v1.2
Frostbite Team
Also known as:
Ghost Recon 2, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon II
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Description: Frostbite v1.2

This massive total conversion for Ghost Recon gives all the features of an expansion pack for the low cost of a download! A new campaign, missions, weapons, vehicles characters and maps are just some of the features of this awesome addition to anyone's GR game.

Frostbite requires Ghost ReconTM, Desert SiegeTM, Island ThunderTM, and the 1.4 patch installed to operate correctly. The installation program is automated to detect the existing installation of Ghost Recon. The installation of Frostbite requires 422 MB of free hard drive space. You are be directed to use the Frostbite launcher to play the game for the first time. It is important to do this since we have encoded the batch conversion of the mp3 audio files to wav format. If you don't use the launcher your audio files for Frostbite will not work.

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