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Shell Gas Station Mod
d8cam (Jordan L.)
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GTA: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto III: Vice City
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Description: Shell Gas Station Mod

This mod is very hi-res. It changes the usual Going Gas Station in Vice Point into a real life Shell Gas Station. Changes include: new main sign, new gas pumps, new gas pump overhead, new door, new windows, new walls, new vents, new photo-realistic concrete.

RLM Shell Gas Station Mod v1.0
Release Date: May 25, 2003

Before you do anything, make sure that read-only is NOT checked in the
properties of your gta3.dir and gta3.img files.

1. Download IMG Tool 1.3
2. Open the tool, then click open and open gta3.img in your Vice City/models folder.
3. Sort by name.
4. Replace both txd's included in the zip
5. Drive near the southern tip of Vice Point and check out your real life Shell Station.

This is the work of Jordan at [email protected]

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