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Half-Life Config Editor
Chris Hunt
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Description: Half-Life Config Editor

Allows easier editing of half life config files, by adding quick search, and a hint bar to the standard notepad enviroment.

Also includes a facility to backup your config files.

Half Life Config Editor v1.00b

Welcome to Half Life Config Editor. This program allows you to edit many of Half Life config files quicly and easily.


- Quick Search, easily find that property you want
- Backup, easily backup your mods config files. The restore feature allows you to swap the backups with your modified files.
- Hint bar shows you how to structure the commands.

To backup your files use View Menu to Backup... then add all the mods you wish to backup. All supported files will be automatically backed-up.

You can then restore these backups with the Restore backup button. Your current files will be swapped with the backups.

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