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Take the helm of the R.M.S. Triumphant, the highly modified T-class submarine, armed to the teeth with devastating torpedoes, blistering anti-aircraft and a powerful deck gun.

This demo allows you to play a full hour of gameplay from Steel Tide.

Steel Tide Readme.txt

Hello All,
~ We hope that you get hours and hours of enjoyment from Steel Tide. If you are looking for in-game hints or you are experiencing problems, you have come to the right place. ~

Here is what didn't make it into the manual because of time constraints:

-make sure to lead your target for maximum accuracy.
-remember to sink cargo ships for heath and ammo.
-clicking on an objective in your objective list will highlight the corresponding dot on your radar. This is can prove to be VERY helpful at times.

If you are trying to start a LAN game and you receive a message that you do not have IPX installed, you will need to take the following steps in order to be able to play a LAN game.
Go to your [Start] menu, click [Settings], then [Control Panel], [Network], [Add], [Protocol], [Add], select [IPX compatible protocol], then click [ok]. This should get you all set and ready to go!

Tech Issues:
- We have encountered some graphical anomalies with some of the Voodoo video cards. If you experience any problems with these cards here is what you can do:
Try turning the "Z buffer Toggling" off. This option is located in the "Pick Video Mode" screen.
Also, the Hercules 3D Prophet Kyro video cards are having graphical problems. For these cards we recommend that you lower your resolution and make sure you have the latest drivers. You can find these drivers at
- When first joining a multi-player game, it is necessary to click the "Ready" button to show you are ready to begin the match.

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