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Morrowind Character Creator v2
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Morrowind (Game of the Year Edition), The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind (Game of the Year Edition)
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Description: Morrowind Character Creator v2

Create, plan, generate, share and develop your a custom character profile and class using the Morrowind Character Profile Creator!

Many people spend hours reviewing information from websites, guides and the game itself, in order to research for their next Morrowind character. Those new to Morrowind often get frustrated when their character continually fails, because they don't choose the right options.

Matt-Tyler Developments, latest Morrowind Character Profile Creator, dubbed 'Project IEKA2' is designed to prevent the wasted time by bringing the best of the Morrowind world together in one easy to use and intuitive step by step program.

Using a wizard style interface, and easy to understand details and explanations, you will always know what options are best for your next character. Everything is presented in five easy steps with assistance and details every step of the way to help you plan, generate, develop and share you Morrowind Character Profile.

When you're done, you can output your character to a website, share it with people on forums automatically, print, save and reload your character.

You will find a no fuss and easy ride to creating your next, and best, Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind character with Project IEKA2: Morrowind Character Profile Creator.

****Top Features in Version 2.0.0****
- Totally redesigned, more powerful, interface
- Output your profile to three additional formats including HTML, message board code and loadable character profile files
- Pre loaded with over 100 unique character names
- Pre loaded with more than 30 player submitted custom character profiles
- Pre loaded with over 100 unique custom class names and almost infinite new custom class names with the unique random names generator
- Output to html fragments or use IEKA2 to build a basic web site from scratch
- A new tasks panel for setting and reminding character tasks
- Fully customisable
- Even smaller file size, even with the new 100+ features!

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